We Try Case to Win

Law schools do not teach lawyers how to win cases. At best, a law school might have a single trial advocacy program available as an elective. In movies and television, lawyers are portrayed as powerful courtroom advocates. The truth is that most lawyers never set foot into a courtroom. Of those who argue in court, even fewer have jury trial experience. The joke is that lawyers should stop "practicing" when a case goes to trial and start actually working. But that joke isn't funny if you're going to trial with a lawyer who does not know how to win.

At the Maze Legal Group, we do not try to win cases. We try cases to win!

Systematic Trial Methods

Great trial lawyers are like great ideas. There are few great ideas, but great ideas can change the world. By studying and learning from the great trial lawyers, bold and innovative trial techniques can be applied to Michigan drunk driving cases.

William Maze of the Maze Legal Group has taken advantage of existing and developing trial schools to win DUI cases for his clients. By studying Gerry Spence's trial advocacy techniques, participating in advanced trial advocacy programs offered by the NCDC and CDAM, and learning systematic cross-examination techniques from Pozner and Dodd and Terry MacCarthy, William is able to more effectively argue a case before a judge or a jury.

Simultaneously, because drunk driving has become such a serious offense during the last two decades, a whole new network of lawyers has sprung into existence across the nation to represent motorists accused of driving drunk. These lawyers generally network, share ideas and present numerous seminars hosted by and through the National College for DUI Defense. The wonderful ideas, legal strategies and techniques shared by the lawyers who are members of the NCDD are powerful, winning arguments. William generously steals many great ideas from these DUI lawyers.

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