A Strong Defense to a Michigan DUI Charge

We start working on your defense the day you hire our firm. We immediately request access to critical evidence. We file these critical requests with the police and prosecutors by faxing and mailing these requests same day to protect your rights. Many attorneys will not take this important step and evidence that could help you may be lost forever.

Many police department retain patrol car videos, 911 recordings, and radio dispatch recordings for a limited period of time. With established, written policies in place, the police are legally permitted to recycle these materials without any penalty. Patrol car videos are regularly employed to impeach an officer's recollection of the driving behaviors, the administration of field sobriety tests, and whether chemical tests were properly administered. It is necessary that the accused act swiftly to ensure that these materials are obtained to prepare a complete and thorough defense.

A Really Good DUI Defense Mandates that the Lawyer Hunt Down Information

Starting on your case early is only one critical step that many attorneys miss. In many instances, attorneys don't know what to look for in a DUI case. Videos from the police car and from the police station are skipped even though that evidence can be extremely helpful and exculpatory. Obtaining videos is expensive, and attorneys are at times afraid that the video evidence will confirm the police officer's report. Clients have reported that some other lawyers have suggested that the police will destroy these tapes if they are helpful. This is patently untrue.

Videos from the police station, along with audio recordings, photographs, and various documents pertaining to the chemical testing also frequently reveal mistakes, omissions, and signs of sobriety that officers leave out of their reports. These materials must be requested and properly reviewed or you are waiving potential defenses.

The Maze Legal Group has developed methods to obtain the necessary information to help you fight your case. After a complete and thorough review, motions, evidentiary challenges and possibly a jury trial may be options that you need to explore. Unless your Michigan DUI attorney understands the underlying law and science surrounding a drunk driving charge, you cannot adequately explore the options available to you.

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