Two Felony Drunk Driving Cases – NO JAIL

OWI 3rd Pled Down to OWI 2nd

Originally Posted on: Dec. 31 2005,17:39 by William Maze

During the last couple of weeks, we have been able to obtain favorable results for clients on felony drunk driving charges. In both cases, the clients were charged with third-time drunk driving offenses within 10 years–felonies that typically result in jail terms of no less than 30 days and often times upwards of one year.

Based upon our arguments, motions, and discovery requests, the prosecutors in each case agreed to dismiss the felony enhancement and agreed to a term of no jail.

Potential clients are forewarned, however: These results (and the fact that we were able to get them TWICE within a couple of weeks) are NOT typical. We were recently contacted by a potential client represented by another law firm. That person was being offered only a one-year cap on the jail term.

Perhaps more importantly, anyone charged with felony drunk driving needs to understand that it takes a lot of time, effort, and skill to obtain these results. Because we focus on drunk driving defense, we have the skills, and we’re willing to put in the effort, but our time is priced at a premium. We charge more than attorneys in this field because we have a proven track record of success!