NOT GUILTY in Wayne, 29th District Court

Originally Posted on: Oct. 30 2009,15:08 by William Maze

A medical doctor was charged with a drunk driving offense in the City of Wayne. The traffic stop was based on speeding and failure to stop while making a so-called “Michigan left” along Michigan Avenue, a divided roadway with turn-arounds. The officer admitted that neither of the driving offenses evinced impaired driving. The officer administered a few non-standard field sobriety tests and arrested the doctor. Because of the seriousness of the charge, the doctor refused the breath test at the police station.

Without a breath or blood test, we attempted to reduce the charge, but the prosecutor would not budge. The officer was extremely helpful and honest in his testimony.

The trial court judge, Hon. Laura Redmond Mack, almost dismissed the case after the prosecutor finished his case. She held that the evidence was very weak, but the matter should be considered by the jury. We called Tony Corroto, a retired DUI training officer from Atlanta Georgia. Mr. Corroto explained how standardized field sobriety tests are used and employed by officers across the nation, how reliable those tests are when administered properly, and the appropriate weight of non-standardized tests.

After deliberating for 40 minutes, the jury returned a not guilty verdict.