No Jail Before Judge Small?

Attorney Shannon Stevens

Originally Posted on: Mar. 22 2006,18:20 by William Maze

On a case where an OWI was reduced to operating while visibly impaired, Shannon Stevens was successful today in convincing Judge Kimberly F. Small of the 48th District Court in Bloomfield Michigan not to order a period of incarceration. Surprisingly, it’s true: occasionally we do accept plea agreements at the Maze Legal Group! (As to the prosecutor’s that frequently review our site, please don’t get excited. This isn’t a trend.)

Judge Small is notorious amongst the criminal defense bar in Oakland County, with a reputation of automatic jail on any drunk driving conviction. Typically, this is ordered to dissuade drivers from future wrongdoing and–quite candidly, in Judge Small’s own words–to punish the convicted driver. Avoiding incarceration is the most frequent concern for accused motorists, and this is a very realistic fear before Judge Small. But in rare circumstances, Judge Small can be convinced to forego a jail sentence. And Shannon Stevens succeeded against the odds today!