Months ago, I made predictions about Former NBA and University of Michigan star Jalen Rose’s DUI arrest in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  See As I predicted, Rose quickly entered a guilty plea, trying to take responsibility quietly putting this behind him.  But today, after a 15 minute lecture by Judge Kimberly Small, Rose was given a 20 day jail sentence.

Rose had his local attorney, James Burdick , and his California counsel, Keith Davidson, submit a lengthy brief in an attempt to avoid jail.  As if I were Nostradamus, Judge Small held that “there are issues of punishment and deterrence. The one thing that people never want — that they will hire expensive lawyers to avoid — is jail time. That’s why I believe it is the right punishment.”

Rose, who adamantly proclaimed his innocence initially saying he was not drunk, is probably feeling embarrassed, humiliated and anxious with his jail sentence looming.  Davidson, however, railed against the judge, claiming that Judge Small was “legislating from the bench.”

Judge Small would have offered a fair trial in this case.  Rose opted to plead guilty, spending his money trying to change the judge’s philosophy.  For whatever my opinion is worth, Rose should have exercised his right to a jury trial in this case.  He’d be feeling a lot better today with headlines declaring that a jury had found him not guilty.